Thursday, February 25, 2010

The moment we've been waiting for!

Some very exciting news for us girls in Australia today! Anthropologie are now shipping here! I am very excited, and I know you will be too. If you haven't heard of this delightful shop until now, don't wait around here any longer (as much as I like having you).. go check it out!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A little about me - February 2010

1. This is me. February 2010. In my pyjamas, about to hop into bed

2. This is where I like to go walking. I take my camera here most afternoons

3. This is something I often see.

4. This is where our new house is soon to be built.

5. This is what is sitting on my easel, awaiting some finishing touches!

Blown Away!

Wowwwww! I don't even know what to say - other than it won't be long before some of Whitney Smith's pottery finds its way to my house! I know I've featured Whitney's etsy shop here before, but I stumbled across her flickr stream today and these images just blew me away! These pieces were part of a huge order Whitney did for a shop in Japan, which I can only imagine is one amazing shop!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Test prints!

Look! Here's one of my test prints, all framed up! I'm happy with how they're turning out - now I just need to decide on a fancy paper/canvas to print on! I have a whole pack of Hahnemuhle sample papers to play with! I decided today that the standard print size will be 8 x 10 (as opposed to either A4/US Letter size), that way customers worldwide will be able to find a frame easily.