Thursday, April 30, 2009

Today's Progress..

I said I might have a preview of another work in progress for you tonight. Its not that great, its so hard getting a photo of artwork at night time, but I think you can get the idea. Still a fair way from being finished, maybe I'm nearly halfway. I'm still not sure whether I like showing progress work or not, but some people like seeing how paintings evolve, I was even asked to include all of my process drawings and pictures with one sale!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Painting, and.. Real Living!

Here is the finished product from the little preview I gave a couple of days ago. I really enjoyed painting large scale again, and I already have another one on my easel - about a quarter done, maybe I can give another preview tomorrow. I've done quite a bit of networking today, and I'm feeling uplifted by the positive responses and support I have received lately. Makes it so worthwhile! Thankyou also if you are reading this - I enjoy writing here, and reading the wonderful comments you leave!

I would share more with you however the June issue of Real Living arrived in my mailbox today and I am dying to open it! My husband has the flu (awww) and has gone to bed in the guest room so that I might avoid catching it (I don't do so well with colds and flu's - he might have it for 2 days, whereas I would probably be miserable for 2 weeks!).. so I'm going to get comfy in our bed with my favourite mag very soon! If you aren't familiar with Real Living, here are some of my favourite pages from the last issue.


Monday, April 27, 2009


There is something about Mondays, something missing from my usual morning routine. Its no big deal, but I miss it all the same and today I thought I'd do something about it. Missing from Mondays is a whole lot of reading from the extensive list of bloggers I follow, because so many bloggers I follow reside in a very different timezone.. and while in Australia we begin the working week all over again, they're still enjoying a lazy Sunday! So today I got myself completely lost in blogland again, but this time it was Aussie blogland! Enjoy!

Around in Circles

I know you're probably wondering what I've been up to lately.. its been a while since I've shared any of my own work. I've been busy experimenting some more, mainly with my sewing machine - and a couple of different styles of painting. The thing is, I think I've just about done it all - painting big, painting small, painting on canvas, on wood, realistically, on the edge of reality and abstract, sewing, prints, printables, notecard sets and in fact, I think I have done a full circle and now I am back at painting - big, on the edge of reality.. and another bird. While I may have been a whole lot more productive if I had just kept painting in the first place, I have learnt a lot along the way, and it has been all about figuring out what works for me. A plan has come out of it, and I have lots of work to do! Here is a peek at what it currently on my easel, nearly finished!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Introducing Jasmine

Meet Jasmine - a gourmet pie maker, Jasmine has an amazing sense of smell which leads her to the most exquisite of ingredients. Her best selling pie is the forest favourite - Woven Worm Mudpie. Jasmine is a great friend, she is trustworthy and wears her heart on her sleeve. Her favourite colour is purple and she wears stripey purple tights. In her spare time Jasmine is often found taking photos of the colourful mushrooms that grow around the bird baths.

Tamar Mogendorff

Hi there! I am back from a much needed break from my creative world - sometimes it simply becomes overwhelming! Anyway I've had some time out, and right now I have the urge to visit my sewing machine - who wouldn't after seeing these amazing creations by Tamar Mogendorff?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Travel safe if you are travelling, eat lots of chocolate and have a great break! I'll leave you with some of my favourite bunnies!

1. Buttercup and His Tiny Bird by Blueberry Bandit
2. Rosie and Her Tiny Bunny by Blueberry Bandit
3. Peanut the Jack Rabbit Love Creature by LookWhatICanDo
4. Baby Hare Zip Soft Sculpture by Dragon House of Yuen

Home Sweet Home!

Hello! I am currently about 1000km from my place, back at my parents place (that I still call home) for the Easter break. I am having a wonderful time out in the country again and spending time with my mum. We've been busy cleaning up her creative space, sorting fabrics, ribbons, cake decorating things, scrapbooking papers and much more, she has quite the collection and I already have my own little pile of goodies to take home! Yesterday we had some retail therapy together, and my dear mother made my day with the purchase of this little book.. I am very excited and can't wait to try some patterns out!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Here's a little peek at my latest cushion - Its such bad photographing weather, I haven't decided if I will list the cushion with the photos I have, or wait until the sun comes out. I've already been waiting a week for a sunny day though.. and we're going on holidays tomorrow afternoon so I might just have to use the few photos I have.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Links you may like..

I got hopelessly lost in blogland today (yesterday now.. how does time get away like this!), one blog and a few clicks later I was deeply absorbed in so many places I still can't believe I haven't visited until now.. before I knew it I was following another seven wonderful blogs. Here are a few of my latest discoveries, you may enjoy exploring!