Monday, April 27, 2009


There is something about Mondays, something missing from my usual morning routine. Its no big deal, but I miss it all the same and today I thought I'd do something about it. Missing from Mondays is a whole lot of reading from the extensive list of bloggers I follow, because so many bloggers I follow reside in a very different timezone.. and while in Australia we begin the working week all over again, they're still enjoying a lazy Sunday! So today I got myself completely lost in blogland again, but this time it was Aussie blogland! Enjoy!


  1. Hello, I read your note about being over-inspired and, let me tell you that's exactly the way I feel (my blogs list is also neverending). Feels good not to be the only one out there. This is the best note any blogger has ever written, or at least from what I've read. That's the cup I needed for the day, thanks and check out my blog if you want to see what I wrote about you and your piece. Good job!

    One more blog to the list, perhaps ? (just kidding, don't get overwhelmed...ha ha ha)

  2. thanks so much for the mention DeannaMaree!!
    I have had a trawl through your lovely site AND etsy store.
    Hope you like the mention

    Ju :)

  3. Hi DeannaMaree - such a great list of Australian and NZ bloggers - what a talented bunch. I hadn't visited Cherry Fields or Studio Home Creative before. Thanks for the heads up!