Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Painting, and.. Real Living!

Here is the finished product from the little preview I gave a couple of days ago. I really enjoyed painting large scale again, and I already have another one on my easel - about a quarter done, maybe I can give another preview tomorrow. I've done quite a bit of networking today, and I'm feeling uplifted by the positive responses and support I have received lately. Makes it so worthwhile! Thankyou also if you are reading this - I enjoy writing here, and reading the wonderful comments you leave!

I would share more with you however the June issue of Real Living arrived in my mailbox today and I am dying to open it! My husband has the flu (awww) and has gone to bed in the guest room so that I might avoid catching it (I don't do so well with colds and flu's - he might have it for 2 days, whereas I would probably be miserable for 2 weeks!).. so I'm going to get comfy in our bed with my favourite mag very soon! If you aren't familiar with Real Living, here are some of my favourite pages from the last issue.



  1. I do love your sweet birdy paintings. Just thought I would pop in to say hello...see Twiter works!
    Kiss Noises Linda

  2. Whoops lost a t in Twitter....I wondered what that preview button was for! doh!
    KN again

  3. Ohhhh i love real living! how nice is it!