Thursday, June 11, 2009

Delight in the Day

Every day is a gift, yet so often the miracle of each day is taken forgranted. We all know we aren’t here forever, yet somehow we feel as though we have forever – that our last day is somewhere so far in the future. We go about life from day to day, week to week, and year to year and we are always looking to the future. We tell ourselves that things will be better tomorrow, or next week, that things will improve if only I we had this, or could do that.. it will be better when this or when that happens – sound familiar? Sadly, so often we forget the miracle that today is.

From time to time, we all need reminding that life is a miracle. Our planet is a miracle. Our senses – seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting – each sense is a miracle! Lets engage our senses!

Lets appreciate the little things, those simple delights in life, little indulgences things that make us feel warm inside.

A scented hot bath
A good book or favourite magazine
Wooly socks
Summer dresses
The smell of baking in the oven
A tea party
A cosy fireplace
A vase of flowers
A box of delicious chocolates
Glamorous high heels
A massage
Freshly laundered linen
Moist, dark chocolate brownies
A candlelit dinner
Home made iced tea
A swing under a leafy tree
A picnic
Hot towels
Favourite perfume

I would like to explore these every day delights with you, not so much in words, but in images, art, recipes, people, tutorials, videos – as part of an ongoing feature here at my blog. I want you to be involved, so take the time to write to me, or comment. I read every comment – so share things that bring about this sort delight in you, send me your links, poems, recipes, colours, photos – whatever it is that stirs your senses. Please welcome.. Delight in the Day!


1. Don't wait Until Tomorrow by Dazeychic

2. The Little Things by LuckyBlueBirdArt

3. Enjoy the Ride by Dazeychic

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