Saturday, May 1, 2010


If you follow me on twitter, you will know I've spent my last month or more (in between long hours at my day job) working on a custom portrait of a little girl named Iyla. The painting is quite large, and was by far the biggest challenge I've taken on at the easel. Ever. I've never met this little girl, yet she reduced me to tears on so many occasions! At last this painting is all boxed up, and is on its journey to Iyla's bedroom wall!


  1. its amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. We received the painting today. It was agony waiting for Iyla to come home from school so we could unwrap it together.
    Her first reaction was silence. The remarkable resemblance of her features and personality made the silence a bit uneasy. Just when I though Iyla was going to cry, she said 'there is Mango & Midori on my shoulder!'. They were her lovebirds we had 2 years ago who flew away when a storm upended their cage.
    My husband Andrew put the portrait up on the long bench in the kitchen on a bare wall so we could all stand back and absorb the amazement brought to Iyla's face, while looking at the artwork. We would like to hang it in her room, but for now, we cannot stop admiring the beautiful impression Deanna has painstakingly captured for us to enjoy.
    Thank you Deanna for your time and patience. xxxx

  3. What a magnificent painting, so very sweet!

  4. It's gorgeous... well done :)