Monday, February 23, 2009

I "heart" Sock Monkeys!

I was at a craft show a few days ago and fell in love with some little sock monkeys. Here are some I've found in Etsyland. Cute, cute, cute.

1. Sock Monkeys 2 by Creative Thursday
2. Sock Monkey by Christy Dekoning
3. Red Heel Sock Monkey by hoffeeandanuffin
4. Sock Monkey Print by DandielionsDream


  1. Wow - thanks for including my Sock Monkey Lover - he's been so popular this weekend, you've caught me while making more prints!
    Love LOVE love your Winter Woolies. Great blog - I'll go find you on Art Fire too. Let's get EVERYONE over to Art Fire :-)

  2. You're welcome.. such a cute print! My Art Fire has been so neglected lately.. I wasn't finding there was much action there, I take it that it's working for you?

  3. Art Fire I think just needs more attention, because it's still new and in the Beta stages.
    I tell all my customers about Art Fire, encourage them to shop there instead of Etsy and give them a little deal like a free postcard or a % off their sale as an incentive.
    I like Art Fire so much more - the real-time stats are wonderful. I can go Twitter about a promo on ArtFire, include the link, then go to my Art Fire studio and see how many people use the link I provided. It's instant gratification!

    Now that said, if I didn't promote it, I'm sure I wouldn't have had a sale yet. All my sales have been from people who found me on my blog, twitter, or Etsy and I recruited them over to Art Fire.

    So...right now I'm guessing there are more sellers than shoppers on Art Fire. But I don't think that it will stay that way for long!