Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stepping Away

At the moment I am taking a step back from my easel (just a little step). Sometimes it just gets to a point where I just feel creatively drained, and I have to step away! There are so many things besides painting I want to try, but painting always takes priority! I don't want painting to become something that I don't look forward to waking up do do, so this week I'm mixing it up a bit! And I tell you.. it has been SO much fun! Today for the first time I had a play with polymer clay - I absolutely love it!! This pear is so tiny and cute, the photo just doesn't capture its cuteness! I have also been making some felt pins.. note the pear theme lately! Tomorrow will be a cushion, and then some Illustrator work and more notecards! At the moment nothing is listed for sale, I'm just playing around.. but in the back of my mind is the thought that I should split my shop into 2. Once just for paintings.. another for things I make just because!

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