Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tell me what you think!

I have an idea, and I'm going to share it here before I progress any further with it. I need your feedback! Ok here's the deal.. Basically I would really like to be able to offer beautiful high quality prints of my paintings. I get told over and over that people love my work, but can't afford my original artwork at the moment. I would like it if my work was available to everyone. Problem is..I can't afford to buy a fancy new camera and printer at the moment. So I had this idea that I would open a new shop, selling printable illustrations/quotes like these below. They would just be a couple of dollars, and when purchased you recieve a printable file to print yourself as you wish. If just half of my twitter followers bought one print each, there would be my new camera and printer! I know there is a lot to consider.. but what are your thoughts? Would you buy printable? (The illustrations are only blurry as they're low quality, to avoid people printing them straight off my blog).


  1. LOVE IT!!! The owl is sooo cute...I bet when it's in a BETTER QUALITY IT'LL look much better...awwesome work!!! :)

  2. I think it's a great idea! What do you have to loose - GO FOR IT!!

    Pat www.gladraggz.etsy.com

  3. Yeah, sure, i think its a good idea, u can only try it!:)

    Maybe also consider to get them printed professionally for the time being, coz some people might not have a good printer either? Just a thought..
    I dont know how much that wud cost, but i think it cud be worth it, ur illustrations are sweet!

  4. yes i would definately buy a printable:) then i can print it on whatever i want.. like canvas or photo or matt paper:)

  5. sounds good!
    Shirrelle J

  6. Ohh Yeah! You have to do this! Of course you have to eventually sell print of your originals, but of course you can have both stores ;) Indeed I have one Etsy shop for prints and other for digital files.