Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Letting Go

I wonder sometimes, at what I have missed out on experiencing because I have been held back by fear. Undue fear at that. By nature I worry - if there is something to worry about, or even if there isn't - you can always count on me to worry about it!

I learnt a valuable lesson over the weekend. We had an amazingweekend, one of those ones where you don't make any plans and just do whatever seems like a good idea at the time!

Late on Friday afternoon we decided to pack up and go camping. With no real plan in place, and without a map we just drove.. It was well and truly dark when we finally found somewhere to camp. We could hear water running but other than that we had no clues as to what we would find when we woke up in the morning. So, imagine my suprise (and delight) when I sat up and saw this...

How many times do we let fear hold us back? "What if we can't find somewhere to camp? What if we get lost? What if it storms?" So many fears that would normally slow me down and make me think twice. Letting go is sometimes scary, some of us like to be in control.

How often do we miss the experiences of a 'journey' because we are so concerned with ending up at our planned destination? When you take away that destination, when you don't know where it will end - all you have to experience is the journey, and you can be entirely in the moment.

We couldn't find anywhere to camp for quite some time, we did get lost - many times, and it did rain. However while we were lost, we saw some amazing things and found places we would otherwise never have found. We laughed a lot. We slept under the stars, and when the clouds covered us and it started to rain we put a cover over us and snuggled closer.


  1. That's a lovely thought Deanna. Thank you. Gorgeous country too. :)

  2. What a great outlook...something we should all try to do. Thanks for the reminder!