Monday, November 17, 2008

Starting at the Bottom

I am standing at the bottom of a tall, skinny ladder that reaches far into the clouds - I don't know where the end of it is, I can't see it.. all I know is that I'm at the bottom, looking up. I have my paintbrush with me, thing is I'm not really sure where I'm going with it.. I can only see a few rungs ahead most of the time, it is often cloudy up there. So I mightn't know where I am going, but I do know why I am here. I'm here because I like to create. I have to create. I need to create. And I'm here because I want to share my creations, and the things that inspire me. I love Etsy (, and I have been inspired again by many creative people on Etsy. Some who have managed to quit their day job to follow their heart and become full time Etsians. See, I have done the same thing.. quit my 'real' job, and picked up my paintbrush. I'm just not sure where my heart is taking me. I'm still not sure if it was one of my best ideas, but time will tell I guess. It seems like it has taken me a long time to reach this place, but at last I can proudly scratch 'open an online shop' right off of my bucket list!

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