Monday, March 23, 2009

Its spring in another place!

I have been working on some card sets today.. actually yesterday now - eeep where does time go, its 1am? Anyway here is a little preview, I think this set has been somewhat inspired by the bloggers that I follow who live in the Northern Hemisphere.. looking at their first posts and their pictures of the first little signs of spring emerging from that blanket of snow that has covered them for so long. I get excited as I love spring, its my favourite season, and while we are starting to get little reminders that our winter is just around the corner, I feel lucky to be able to share in the anticipation that many people on the other side of the world are welcoming the sunshine and flowers with!


  1. Beautiful cards, beautifully displayed!!

  2. Thankyou Cathy! I struggle with lighting in my house - the sun goes from corner to corner and just doesn't come any windows - this is the brightest it gets!