Friday, January 30, 2009


Finally I have a new computer, it hasn't been without its problems.. but I'm back - and way more efficient! As promised.. an artwork a day.. Except, I must confess it hasn't happened for me today - my computer arrived, and there was SO much to setup, re-install etc etc. But here is my progess so far.. I am working on a series of birds representing a common emotion, mood, feeling or a quality that we can probably all identify with at some stage. There will be 12-15 in the series, so watch this space! The bottom painting in this post isn't part of the series, it was inspired by all the love in the air leading up to Valentine's Day!


  1. These are very cute... have you thought about making them into a set of note cards? :-) Cheryl.

  2. thanks, yes thats the plan actually.. notecards, and possibly a calendar!