Thursday, January 1, 2009

Reflecting on 2008

~Slept under the stars~
~Dressed up as a pirate sea maiden~
~Learnt to cook without recipes~
~Rock Climbed ~
~Rollerbladed in the dark ~
~Played in a band~

~Planned a wedding~
~Got married~
~Went on a Honeymoon~
~Visited Fiji~

~Whitewater Kayaking~
~Got flowers for no reason~
~Turned 21~

~Cut out pieces for a quilt~
~Had picture in newspaper~
~Had a pillow fight~
~Stayed in a treehouse~

~Caught a bouquet~
~Gone Fishing~
~Learnt to play golf~
~Opened 2 online shops of my artwork~
~Snapped some cute pics~

~Quit a job~
~Spent a whole day reading ~
~ Played chess at least once a day for a week~
~Raced in a Dragonboat Regatta~

~Dressed up in fluro~
~Wrote a poem~
~Attended three funerals, and three weddings~
~Shared a magic moment under a rainbow~

~Watched a sunrise, and enjoyed a cooked breakfast from the top of Mt Beerwah~
~Sewed a bag and some cushions~
~In a combined effort with mum, designed and made my own wedding cake!~

~Moved interstate~
~Shoveled coal competitively~
~Seen it snow in Spring~
~Been on a 4000km roadtrip~

~Climbed a mountain~

~Gone on a picnic with my mum and dad~
~Learnt the phonetic alaphabet~
~Been 4wding on the sand dunes~
~Started my own blog~
~Watched and photographed many gorgeous sunsets~

~Made the best banana cake~
~Made new friends~
~Settled in to being a wife~


  1. What a beautiful 2008 you had. :) Happy New Year Dee and Baz - may it be just as special!

  2. Beautiful Post. What a wonderful way to commemorate 2008. Enjoy the new year.

  3. Thankyou both, Happy New Year to you also! :)

  4. Cool post.. love the photos! Happy 2009. =)

  5. That's awesome - you did a fantastic job in creating that post/blog!! Love Celinda.

  6. This is a great post. Storing it in my memory so I can do an homage at the end of 2009. :-)