Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Have you heard of the Toy Society?

The Toy Society is all about spreading the love, giving something for nothing.. Members of the Toy Society (anyone can become a member) create a soft toy of some sort, put it in a clear bag, with a pretty note attached, seal it up and leave it somewhere - in the street, at a park, at a hospital - just waiting for some lucky person to come along and find it. The Toy Society started in Australia, but has now spread throughout the world. Pretty amazing huh? I have recently become a member, and can't wait to make a little birdie to leave somebody in a special place. Why not make something to brighten somebody's day? If you don't know where to start - here are some links to free patterns, just click on any of the images below. For more information on what to include, visit the Toy Society here.

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