Saturday, May 2, 2009

Its the weekend!!!

And another one down! I think I've only painted so much in one week on one other occasion - its a great feeling to have finished 2 large paintings in four days, but it is draining as well - especially all those tiny berries! Glad its the weekend! Enjoy it!


  1. I love larger size paintings, well worth the extra effort and the berries are one of my favourite bits!
    Happy Weekend, Kiss Noises Linda

  2. It is a lot of extra effort (and neck pain) - but yes, worth the effort I think. I'm going to focus on large scale for a while.

  3. Can I just say...
    I L♥ve your work. So fun.

  4. i found your great blog through a flicker blog group. Just going through the art blogs i thought looked interesting. love the composition of the painting above!

  5. Thank you all! This painting has been so popular - and I'm in the process of selling it this morning. I'll be sad to see it go - but there will be plenty more!