Thursday, May 7, 2009

Please Take It Away!

Many painful hours later.. here it is. I have spent 2 days too long on this painting, I think there just comes a point when you have to step back and just say 'done'. Otherwise you just keep reworking bits that you should really just leave alone. Again, I left it too late to get good photos.. so I won't be adding it to Etsy tonight. I just have to say - I personally don't like it. There is always something about paintings that have caused me endless frustration, even if they come together in the end - often I just don't like them. This is one of them, and I really hope somebody out there loves it enough to buy it.. because I always suggest to people that they purchase art that makes them happy, and for that reason this piece won't be hanging it on my wall!


  1. Sorry to hear it caused you so much frustration - at least it is done now :D

  2. I'm sure it will find a new home in no time. I think it's sweet

  3. I actually like this one...!
    I like the colours and the format (if that's the word!).
    Donna H