Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I am reading..

I have one wonderful husband, who knows just how to keep me happy! I am now receiving three of these magazines in my mailbox. One a while ago, and a couple more this month.. and the fourth didn't turn up in my mailbox, but just happened to find its way into my groceries yesterday. But because my husband is so wonderful, I'm sure if he's reading this he won't mind that this did occur. Wonderful husbands understand that these things happen from time to time. xx


  1. Hmmm I am feeling the urge to buy magazines again - my life seems a little bit lonely without them.

  2. Oh I just left a really long comment and Typepad ate it, what is with Typepad this week?
    Anyhoo, what a wonderful husband!
    I could have flown around the world 4 times if I didn't buy magazines, such a serious addiction but I get so much out of them! I read them cover to cover including the ads, though I do start at the back of the magazine, have no idea why I do that, I just do weird.
    Enjoy your magazine reading, I feel a newsagent visit coming on...
    Kiss Noises Linda